How to Memorize while Studying

If you are wondering how to memorize while studying,  As humans, we are immensely gifted with our very own inbuilt RAM and ROM like a computer but with an incalculable expansion. A human brain is capacitated to hold a gazillion things, hence the aspect of incompetent storage is ruled out here. The point of focus remains on how to recall the information and memories as and when required.

The recollection of things at the right moment is a task in itself. Nevertheless, it also impacts our impression on our peers.

Food for Thought- Its a universally approved fact that the ability to recollect dates, names, details, or specs gives you an upper hand while doing business. And on the flip side, apologizing for not remembering the same makes you less competent in the game resulting in loss of business. Hence, we can easily derive by now that memory is key.

Similarly, when put in the context of a student, the connotation of memory is completely altered. Memory plays a pivotal role in a
studens everyday life.

So, to make memorizing for a test, learning a language, or recollecting details a cakewalk for you, we have got 6 MOs to assist
you to remember things more efficiently.

1. The Method of Memory Spaces can put an end to the struggle of recollecting book-length texts or LAQs ( how to memorize while studying)

This strategy has been in practice for memorizing things for decades now. It also goes by the name, Method of Loci. Locus is
the singular form of Loci signifying place or location. Its rooted in the postulation that humans tend to remember places they are
intimate with. Hence, to easily store the data in their inbuilt RAM, one can look for developing links between the info and a place
they know inside out. And that location can serve as a cue in remembering the texts one wants to.

Here’s how to do the Loci tactic –

  • Think of a place you know inside out, for example- your own abode.
  • Visualize a string of locations in your place in a logical order. Starting off from the entrance and leading straight up to your
    own room.
  • Now, attach a piece of info to every location in your abode.
  • Just visualize your abode, room by room whenever you need to recollect a piece of info.

2. Acronyms do best in memorization of a group of words(

how to memorize while studying)

Research suggests that attaching meaning to things eases the process of memorizing them. Moreover, its any day more facile to
recall a single striking word or phrase than a lengthy piece of text or info.

Cambridge Dictionary states that one should pick on the first letter of every word in order to make an acronym. The fun fact is that these actually sound like words easing the process of memorizing. For example, you might have used BODMAS while solving your Maths questions. Well, BODMAS is an acronym which stands for Brackets, order, division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction.

Now, one can bring in their own creativity here and make their own acronyms by –

  • Align the letters of the words you want to remember.
  • Now, apply your creativity, and try and construct a new word out of them to ease the process of memorization.
  • At the time, you have to recall things, use your own acronym, letter by letter.
  • Use Rhyming as your defence mechanism against the info with a particular series

Rhymes can be ones BFF in remembering a lot of information. It is so because our brains can memorize pieces accompanied by a song structure. Hence, rhymes are the missing piece of your puzzle.

Here’s how to do your own Rhymes –

  • Well, just to make this fun, try and wake your inner poet up. And visualize pictures with the words in sync.

3. Chunking is your saviour from long numbers(how to memorize while studying)

In case of big numbers and lengthy details, try and chunk the info into smaller sets or units. This makes retention and recollection of information a child’s play.

Here’s how to apply the technique with precision –

  • Arrangement of long numbers into smaller units or sets can solve the problem of memorizing here. For example, break a
    number like 997776543210 into 9977 7654 3210.

4. PQRST is the best way to learn Facts for a test

(how to memorize while studying)

PQRST stands for Preview, Question, Read, State and Test. According to experts, this tactic leaves an individual with stronger
cues in order to retrieve the facts.

How to ease memorizing using this technique –

  • Do thorough skimming of the text.
  • Prepare questions from the text that you’re reading.
  • Go through the text without drafting notes.
  • Loudly answer each of the key questions.
  • To ensure you remember everything, give yourself a small test.

5. Improving your memory power by Spaced Repetition

(how to memorize while studying)

Here’s, the real deal about our inbuilt human RAMs, more the repetitions, easier it is for our brains to recollect what it needs to. However, for studying, the number of times you reinforce things is more pivotal than the timing of reinforcing it. Spacing Effect is what we call it.

In this method, the focus is on practicing to recall things as and when required. And the easiest way to put this method into
practice is via Flashcards.

How to use your Flashcards effectively –

  • Divide your flashcards into three bundles as you go through them.
  • Now, place things that are easy to remember in Easy Pile. This info does not need revisits for a week or two now.
  • The ones that fall in the moderate criteria will go into Medium Pile. Revisit these info after a few hours and days.
  • Lastly, the hardest to remember things will make their way into Hard Pile. Hence, you need to revisit them regularly starting off after next 10 minutes.

Well, these were some tricks of the trade that are sure to make you the master of studying.


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