SAT Exam in Detail : Everything you Need To Know About SAT

SAT Exam or the Scholastic Aptitude Test is one of the most prestigious and popular entrance tests which is considered by most of the colleges and universities to make their admission decisions. The core objective of this SAT remains to access the ability of high school
students to transition into colleges. It also provides the colleges with one integrated data point to aid in their assessment to consider a
candidate for admission.

The SAT scores will be taken into consideration by the college admission authority. But so will be done
along with one’s high school GPA, classes taken in high school, extracurricular activities, recommendations notes from teachers,
well-wishers or mentors, and admission interviews for making the admission decisions. Although the admission process differs from
college to college, having a high SAT score would definitely give one an edge over the others in any college. Targeting a high SAT score is very pivotal for any aspirant who is dreaming of getting admitted to good colleges.

What time of the year should I take up the SAT Exam?

A high percentage of school students consider taking up their SAT exams in the spring of their Junior year or the fall of Senior year. Its
a must to give yourself enough time before the colleges open up for admission to consider re-taking the test to accumulate the best test
score possible. Reason being their desire to put their best attempt in front of the admission office. One can appear for the SAT exam every year during summers in the months of March, May, June, and August. Consequently, it also occurs during winters in the months of October, November, December. Moreover, to get the details of the upcoming test dates, check the official SAT website. Consider giving yourself enough time for preparation before choosing your exam dates.

What should I study for the SAT?

SAT is a consolidate of two section

1. Math
2. Evidence-Based Reading and Writing

SAT also has an optional essay writing section, the scores of which don’t add up into the overall SAT score but are reported separately.
Though this is an optional piece to the test, some of the colleges might consider this as a mandatory requirement to take admission. If
you have the colleges that you would want to get admission into which we strongly recommend you research. And list it out so that
you can go into their college website to confirm their admission eligibility criteria. Moreover, confirming the same would organize
your test preparations so much better.

How long is the exam?

SAT is a 3-hour test. But in case you enroll to take up an essay section, then you’ll get an additional 50 minutes to finish the test
summing up the test time to 3 hours and 50 minutes.

Who is eligible to write the SAT Exam?

SAT is published by an independent non-profit entity set up in the United States known as College Board. They do not specify any
prerequisites to apply for the exam. Moreover, age is no bar in filing your SAT exam.

What should I pay for the SAT?

SAT has a basic $46 associated with it, but it varies depending on the country of the applicant due to the exchange rates. If you decide to take the essay along with the basic SAT fee, an additional charge is incurred which sums up to $60.

How is the SAT scored?

SAT is structured to device a point system to determine the student’s ability to analyse problems. Each section of the test is scored in the range of 200 to 800 points so the maximum score one can achieve is 1600 points. If you decide to take up the essay section then, that would be scored separately as stated earlier and is scored on a scale of 0 to 24 points.

What is a good score for the SAT?

A good SAT score is directly proportional to the college that you are applying for. However, the average score for the exam always circles around the 1000-points mark. Better scores indicate higher chances of getting through the Ivy League schools. Hence, aim for higher scores in order to set foot into your dream college. An honest self- assessment is much needed before going for the exam. Moreover, this helps in setting realistic targets that are achievable. Also planning, and creating a timetable aids the road to your target.

How do I prepare for the SAT Exam?

SAT like any other entrance test comes with the added pressure of performing well, this can determine the way a student’s future is
marked out. So, preparation is the key to achieve that targeted score. The amount of preparation required varies from person to
person, the usual average of 80 to 100 hours of preparation is the bare minimum requirement to crack the exam. This is the bare
minimum and it is very difficult to cram for this exam; SAT is designed to test the skills of a candidate that has been developed in
the long term like the habitual reading and ability to analyse a problem.

As with any other exam, a standardized study schedule is very important along with knowing your strengths and weaknesses.

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