How To Score Better in Exams

Wondering How to Score Better in Exam or to get good marks in exam? Pouring in hours to your study regimen, yet your stars won’t align? Well, maybe the fault is not in your stars indeed it is in your studying pattern. Yes, prolonged hours of studying doesn’t always conclude that you’re digesting your syllabus well. However, the art of effective study could be your dream solution. It will not only shorten your study sessions but eventually end in better grades.

So here’s a list of 3 mantras to attain mastery in the craft of effective study.

Method 1 – Sketching Out a Success Plan is the first step to Effective Study (How to Score Better in Exams)

1. Do a little legwork for identifying potential resources

When it comes to how to score better in exams or to get a good marks in exams start with Listing things that you think will make it to the question paper is an important step. Next, pen down the resources that are sure to provide you with all the information you need to learn. For instance, you can partake in a study group or take-up practice tests.

  • Make a note of checking up on previous year question papers because some of the info is sure to reappear.
  • Quizzes are miniatures of exams hence they incorporate the info that’s part of the on-going section or chapter.
  • In case you don’t stumble upon a practice paper or study group, then create your own.

2. Devise a Schedule for Studying

Forth figuring out the content of studying and identifying potential resources, sit down and design a schedule for an effective study. Map out periods of time in your schedule and dedicate it to studying. And most importantly stick to your study plan.

  • Try and inculcate a few changes in your study plan but avoid something drastic.
  • Give yourself more than sufficient time to cover the subjects you struggle with.
  • Positivity is the key to effective study. Yes, being in a positive mindset will ignite the process of effective study and help you retain things better. Read a positive quote to encourage yourself and throw negativity out.
  • Place of study plays a silently important role in the effective study. A place with lesser distractions like a library or your own room will impact your studying positively.

Method 2 – Don’t Study Hard But Try Studying Smart(How to Score Better in Exams)

Here is method number 2 for our guide how to score better in exams and how to get good marks in exams

1. Smaller and Effective Study Sessions

  • Yes, prolonged study sessions will impact your studying in a negative manner. Hence, it’s significant to incorporate regular breaks in your study routine.
  • Try to put your study sessions in intervals of about an hour and a half and take a break of 15 minutes at the end of each session.
  • Try and inculcate relaxing activities during your break so that you feel rejuvenated for the next effective study bout.

2. Inculcate Quizzes in your Regimen

  • Simply revising the information or content of the exam is not apt. However, try and get your hands on some relevant quizzes,previous year questionnaires, mocks etc.
  • Especially, the topics that need extra hard work need to have relevant questionnaires framed.

3. Put multiple senses to work to achieve an effective study bout

  • Some of us retain better when multiple senses are put into studying. Hence, you can try reading the answers aloud as you re-write them. This method puts multiple senses to work and will help you learn better.

4. Incorporate Memory Games

  • Give incorporating different memorizing techniques a try. For instance, try and construct acronyms from a given set of info.

Method 3 – Notes are an important constituent of the recipe for an effective study round(How to Score Better in Exams)

Here is method number 3 for our guide on  how to score better in exams and how to get good marks in exams

1. Redo your own notes

  • Yes, repetition is vital to recollect what you have already memorized. Hence, what better than re-write your own notes.
  • Doing so will help you remember the info that you’re familiar with.
  • Moreover, you can also try writing with the same ink colour that you plan to write your exam.

2. Phrase Notes or Outliners by others in your own phrases

  • Copying during exams is prohibited but you can surely try doing so before it.
  • Yes, take reference from the notes created by other people however give them your own depth.
  • This will help you memorize what you might have skipped in your notes or revise what you have already done.

3. Information Outliners are a must

  • Curate an effective and crispy outline from your class notes and other resources. This will help you revise better and effectively during your exams.
  • Plus while curating these outlines you’ll have a revision of the information.

4. Teaching Others is one of the best ways to solidify the info

  • Try and curate a lesson from your information and teach it to one of your peers.
  • This is a great way to get the info into your inbuilt ROM. Also, exchanging it with your peer will help you both reap benefits of each other’s resources.

5. Try Cornell’s Approach for Note-Making for Effective Study

  • This style of making notes requires you to connect your notes as answers to potential questions arising out of them.
  • Hence, doing so will make you accustomed to effectively drawing answers to the questions from your own notes.

These are a few tricks for achieving an effective study program. And a guaranteed method to scoring better in your exams.

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